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"Right is Right,

and Wrong is
No Man's Right"

- Albert Edward Warren

Founded in 2006 to meet the needs of small and medium enterprises and individuals, the Law Office of Christopher A.L. Caruana provides these clients with the experience and expertise found on Bay Street and Wall Street.  Through the implementation of technology in areas such as knowledge management and documentary production, we provide our clients with the same levels of service and resources previously offered by only the largest firms in North America.


Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the firm provides legal advice and assistance to clients on matters involving the laws of Canada and New York State with an emphasis upon corporate/commercial law and litigation.


In October, 2008, the firm agreed to provide counsel services to Wilson Vukelich LLP.  Christopher and his team now provide legal services through the Toronto office as well as through Wilson Vukelich’s offices in Markham, Ontario.  He also has access to the services of Wilson Vukelich’s team of tax, corporate and litigation lawyers to assist in serving his clients’ legal needs.  The Wilson Vukelich team may be found by clicking on the link below:

Wilson Vukelich LLP


We look forward to serving your legal needs today, tomorrow and in the future.