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Corporate / Commercial Law


In E-Myth Revisited, author Michael Gerber has theorized that many businesses fail because a “technician” falls prey to an “entrepreneurial seizure” and decides that he or she can run their own business just as well as their present employer.  The theory continues that while the business person may be a wonderful technician who is extremely competent at making the product or performing the service, the business person is not a competent entrepreneur or business manager.


While the remainder of Mr. Gerber’s theory and his suggested solution are subject to debate, the first two aspects of the theory set out above are borne out by the practical experience of our clients.   At the outset, our clients ask “how do I get my business started?”  After that, it is common to hear clients complain that they are too busy doing the work to handle the administrative matters. The corporate and commercial practice of the firm and that of Wilson Vukelich have been designed to assist clients with both of these issues.


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