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The best approach to litigation is avoidance.  Litigation can be lengthy, expensive and frustrating – even when you win.  Whether it is through mediation, arbitration or some other form of dispute resolution, the best result is a quick and inexpensive result.  However, some cases simply will not settle before a trial and that requires your lawyer to have significant court room experience.

From personal disputes involving land boundaries to complex and lengthy commercial litigation, we can provide you with a high level of courtroom experience and a proven track record of success acting for both plaintiffs and defendants at trial and on appeal.  Please feel free to review our litigation practice areas


Perhaps the largest area of concern for clients is the litigation process itself.  While each case will differ to some extent, we have set out the basic process for your information.

Our goal is to provide you with effective, efficient and affordable advocacy to protect your rights and interests.  We would be pleased to discuss your matter and how we can help you to achieve a fast, fair and honourable result.